Air is movement; we can not see its physical form but we do see, hear and feel it in the trees and the clouds, in the movement of grass and the flight of all things that move in the sky’s.  However as with all the elements Air’s power can not be underestimated. There is a freshness to air, it can be cooling on a warm day bringing a breath that brings relief.  But then it does not take much change for that same breeze to bring with it warm air that makes us feel heavy.  That same hot air on a cold day is more than welcome, however the same cold breeze that we enjoy on a warm day makes us freeze on a cold day.

Just like all the elements Air can have many different faces.  The power of Air can be gentle as an autumn breeze or full of power and destruction as a category 5 cyclone.  You can call on Air for gentle energy and Magick or for something that can really pack a punch depending on what your intent is.

For myself I use Air when I need a quick refreshing clean out, the air moves though me with each breath drawing in fresh clean energy and helping remove old negative energy.  This is an exercise that I can use in the space of a few moments, or I if I have more time available then I can spend anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes just revitalizing my mind and body with the help of air.

The color of Air for me is Yellow and when in ritual Air is located in the East quarter.  While I fully understand and accept that others may have different colors or locations, after a bit of testing this is what feels right for me and my relationship with air.  It is the first quarter I call and the last I say goodbye to.  In my every day life I cannot see a life without Air and not just to carry the oxygen I breathe.  Every day, through every turn of the wheel, when it is over 45 degrees or below zero, there will always be a window open and if there is no breeze a fan to help create one.  Air is an element that is very welcome in my every day life and one that I cannot imagine being without.


How serious does a circle casting have to be?

With and other full moon nearly upon us and many covens and solitary witches preparing for an Esbats it got me thinking about circle casting.  Doing a ritual circle casting can be a very demanding, emotional and spiritual time, but what happens when you forget the words, or trip up or get half way though and realize that you have forgotten a vital tool that you need?  Does the whole thing then go bad or pair shaped?  I mean what will the Lord and Lady, the elements and any other entities or spirits that are there and watching think of me if I stuff up?

It is a common fear that people have thinking everything has to be perfect when really some of the most memorable circle castings and rituals I have done or/and been part of have included a few Woops moments.  I remember one where I nearly burnt down my makeshift alter.

People will often memories words or the things they need to do as this can be though of as important, as a way to connect when really the Lord and Lady, the elements and any other energy’s or sprits that are watching us knew exactly who we are and that we are human and we do have the occasional woops moments (some times more).  They also know when what you are doing is not real, or learnt by rote with no feeling, and a circle casting without feeling, without your own sprit being mixed up in it and one done by rote because that is what a book says to do is a very dull circle.  Try it, see how different a circle feels when you are concentrating on not making a mistake, compared to one where you are putting your all into it even though you may say the words in a differ order, or different words altogether, or pick up the wrong tool, or do parts back to front. 

Always ask yourself why are you doing this, what is the purpose of the ritual and/or circle?  You will find that if your intent is right then it does not matter how many woops happen in the preparation or creation of a circle.  The energy will be strong and powerful and will match the purpose that you are there for.  And if you get to a point where you feel the energy is just not working because there has been to many woops parts, then this just might be the Lord and Lady’s way of telling you that right now is not the time for what you have planned.

Happy full moon rituals every one.


As I was getting into my car the other day I started to think about reincarnation, might be a bit of an odd time to start thinking about it, but I have had my car for over 12 years and I would hate to see her stop being a car. At the same time I remembered going through a fantastic car museum that had a number of very old cars and remember my dad commenting on how once they were brand new and how excited some one was at getting this brand new car. Now they sit with flat or no tiers, rusting, falling apart, some with bits of motors while others with hardly any. This reminded me that no matter how much I love my car, one day over a time period that seams very long to me but in reality is very short, every part that makes it up will change and become something else.

So what is reincarnation? Good old Wikipedia states that “Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life’s actions”. I am sure there are more definitions out there and probably differences between them, but I am going to just stick to this one today. This definition is questioning something I have never questioned before as I have never really separated the physical body from the soul or sprit aspect. I can quite easily come to terms with the fact that my body and what makes it up will also change and become something else once my sprit leaves it at the end of this life. This is something we see all the time as the wheel moves from one year to the next, so I almost feel that I have a better understanding of this aspect than that of my sprit reincarnation

As the sprit moves from this to the next stage we have little memory or understanding of how this happens, it is not something we can see easily but it is something that we/I feel. I recently had a death in the family only 9 weeks ago and I can almost pin point to the day when his sprit moved on to what is next. This was not the day he died but some weeks afterwards when he was ready to say good bye and move on knowing that he would never actually leave us.

With Samhain coming up maybe it is a good time to have a little think about reincarnation and the movements of the sprits and to ponder any assumptions that need a little prodding.

Mabon: The Autumn Equinox

So another Sabbat is upon us and it is again time to think about the movement of the wheel.  Mabon is the second harvest festival and for me is a time of reflection.  As we prepare for the close of one year and the beginning of the next turn of the wheel at Samhain.

This is a time to look at the past year and analyze just how it went.  What are you happy about, what went well, what did not go so well, what are you grateful for, what would you like to avoid happening again, what lessons were leant, what sort of things effected you that were not in your control, what were?  How would you have done things differently if you had the chance?  Being the second harvest festival it is a very good time to look at and remember that the seeds we plant are what we harvest and this goes well beyond planting crops to eat.

Every thing that we do has had effort and energy contributed to it.  The hours you put to study to be more employable, enjoy life more, or become better at a hobby.  The time and energy put into raising a family full of love.  What ever it might be the more energy put in, the better the harvest knowing that the law of diminishing returns will kick in at some time (i.e. at some point it does not matter how much water and fertilizer you put on a crop it gets to a point where the crop will only use what it is needed and the rest will bring little to no extra return).  So in looking at the past year what was over done that too much energy was used on it and what could have done with more?

However one of the most important aspects to me is making sure you look at what was really great about the year and what things you personally did that made you feel good and/or made others feel good, to often we focus on the bad without looking at all the amazing things we are and do.

Once we really look at this year with a critical, but realistic eye we can then look at how to make next year even better, how to be prepared for what ever curve balls get thrown to us and most importantly how to continue to move through this life in a positive way for both ourselves and all the other beings that we come in contact with.

Happy Mabon everyone.

Why do we doubt our selves?

A very good friend of mine is leading an Esbats tonight.  They have already put a great deal of thought into what they want to focus on and what actions they would like done within the ritual including writing up information and gathered the required tools they feel are right.  Then less than 5 hours before the ritual is going to start this good friend of mine and I have a long conversation about the appropriateness of the ritual.  In short they are worried that the focus is not fitting an Esbats.

The ritual is not focused on a specific Deity, nor on any of the elements, but very focused on the individual and very personal.  So to me, what better place to look this deeply into ourselves and open up such issues that are often hard for us to deal with.  Thinking about this further and I know this does change from individual to individual and from coven to coven, however I know that for this particular coven they create a very scared space where those participating in the Esbats are secure and safe, were the energy’s of the Deity are very free to come and go along with the energy of the four elements.  In this scared space all participants are free of judgment and free to be just who they are.  Where the connection of the people participating has been built over many years of learning and training together to the point that there is very little that each other does not know about all participating.  Really I know of no other safer and better-protected place to open oneself up to explore these such personal issues and get help to deal with such personal issues.

So why at times do we doubt our selves when it comes to doing such personal and powerful rituals?  Do we really think that the Gods and Goddesses or the elements will judge us by what we expose, when they already know all this about us anyway, or is it because we are worried about how others will feel about the ritual.   For myself I know it is the second reason, how will the other people participating feel about what we are going to do, will they enjoy it, be board, not understand it.  For me these are the reasons we tend to doubt ourselves only to find that during the ritual it is exactly what every one needed  And for this particular ritual what better way of honouring Deity than by trying to improve our understanding of our own faults and try to live in this world in a more positive way.

The rules of Magick

Very recently I have seen another quick reference on the five important rules of performing Magick.  Some times its six or ten or three, the number is not really important, it is the word rules that I have a problem with.  The word rules to me indicates that you must follow these steps for your Magick to work.

This causes a dilemma for me.  For example if I am about to duck into the supermarket and wish to remain invisible as I just don’t have the time or brain capacity to run into certain people do I then need to follow these “rules”?  Some people would define this as Magick others might not.  Now one of these rules was about cleansing yourself before preforming Magick which adds to my dilemma, how am I going to perform a cleansing while sitting here in my car before going into the shops??

In reality I can do quite easily as I have a very broad idea of both of these concepts, a cleansing can be as little as sitting for a few minutes and removing negative areas within, then performing the “invisibility” Magick and off I go.  My dilemma comes about because I am a seasoned Witch.  I have been on this path for a number of years now and can work with the small and simple to the big and elaborate if I want or need to.  But what about those that are only starting there path, what happens when they see these “rules” how do they interpreted them with the limited knowledge they have gathered at the start of there path?

I ask the question of Why is a cleansing important before performing Magick?  To me this is much more important than being told to do something or to follow a rule.  So here is a list of what I would consider important elements to consider and understand when conducting Magick

  • Why am I performing this Magick?
  • What is my intent?
  • What steps do I need to do to perform this Magick?
  • Why do I need to perform these steps?

To me it is words like these that would be better to be tossed around and not the “rules” which can lead to people following some list of steps without really know why they are performing these steps or how they will effect there Magick.  After all how do you learn and grow if you do not look at the What or Why?

An exercise with Google and Personal Gods and Goddesses


This week we had a discussion about personal Gods and Goddesses and two different questions were asked:

  • Do you find them or do they find you?
  • Do you need a personal God or Goddess?

This is not the first time I have been involved in a discussion that focused on these questions and I am guessing it wont be the last and I have always been a believer in that in finding them or them finding you is a bit of a mixture, and that each individual needs to work it out for themselves if they even need a personal God or Goddess.

However the discussion did get me curious on what information is out there, especially for the beginner if you Google “How do I find my personal God or Goddess”.  What an interesting exercise.

It was good to see that there was a lot of personal stories out there that people were willing to share on wither how they did find there personal God or Goddess or when there personal God or Goddess showed themselves to them.  Also personal stories on why individuals did not have a specific relationship with a personal God or Goddess and shared there view on an over all perspective or relationship.  I also found an interesting article that went into the “why” of why do you feel you need a personal God or Goddess and asked a good question of “why does it worry you if you don’t have a personal God or Goddess?”

However there were also the ‘try this’ which is OK, but then the “do this” or “follow this method’ type instructions along with some really cringe worth judgmental comments, and these always worry me.  Developing a relationship with the Gods and Goddesses is a very personal thing and what works for one person may not work for some one else.  It may be that you never form a relationship with one or two (or more) particular Gods or Goddesses or it may be that you do.  The importance of this is really only relates back to you and not what other people think you should have (or not have).

My own personal experience really shows me that it depends on how a person learns and what lessons or steps they need to make for there own spiritual growth.  After all, we are all individuals.

High Priestess of the Heartwood Coven


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